Artist Vremya I Steklo: poster of concerts 2023

Билеты Большой Весенний Концерт
28 february 19:00 thursday
Большой Весенний Концерт
Event ended
Билеты Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award
22 march 19:00 friday
Main Music Ceremony "YUNA Award
Event ended
Билеты Велике весілля
02 june 14:00 sunday
Велике весілля
Event ended

Vremya i Steklo


"Vremya i Steklo" whose songs have already become popular in society is a pop group that was created on December 2, 2010 in Ukraine. The project participants are Alexey Zavgorodniy and Nadezhda Dorofeeva. The musicians, of course, have a producer who is also the author of the lyrics for the band's musical compositions - this is Alexei Potapenko, also known as Potap.

At the onset of 2010, Potap, together with Irina Gorova, who works at MOZGI Entertainment, are launching an innovative project, in which Zavgorodniy and the soloist Nadya, who have passed the preliminary online selection, become a participant.

The debut musical composition entitled "So the Map fell out" was presented together with a video for it in the same year in the fall. After a week and a half, the clip already took the honorable 5th position in terms of views on YouTube.

A year later, in the spring, the world saw a video for the single "Love Point No". In the summer, the guys presented the video clip "Silver Sea", and in the fall the video clip "Tile".

In 2012, at the end of spring, a video clip "Accordion" was released, on which a single was recorded a year later in English. In winter, the musicians filmed a video for the song "Tear", which was performed together with Potap.

In 2013, the release of the video "#kAroche" and "Dance with me" was released. After that, the guys decided to organize a tour throughout Ukraine (Kiev inclusive) together with their producer.

In 2014, a video for the track "Take it" was filmed in Mexico, which was soon presented at home.

In 2015, at the end of winter, the team recorded the composition "Name 505", after which a video was released for the song literally immediately. By the way, the track got more than fifty million views on the YouTube channel in just a month, which automatically made it the most popular Ukrainian video. By November 2017, the video clip for the song "Name 505" gained more than 179 million views. Based on this, we can conclude that the group has plenty of fans and fans. According to the modern magazine "Afisha-Vozdukh", of the ten most worthy songs (which, having heard only once, people will sing regularly), this track took the honorable first position in the rating.

But the hit songs of the band did not end there. After the song "Name 505" three more music tracks followed, which became no less popular. "Song 404", "Rhythm 122", "Dangerous 220".

In autumn 2017, the project participants act as vocal trainers, being the hosts of the Ukrainian television program “Voice. Children ”, broadcast on the channel“ 1 + 1 ”.

The musical project "Time and Glass" does not stop developing to this day. Nadezhda and Alexei Zavgorodny still have many tracks ahead, which they are going to implement in the near future.

From 2011 to 2017, they received 8 awards from both Ukraine and Russia, ranging from the Golden Gramophone to the M1 Music Awards. It is very convenient to listen to popular musical compositions of the group time and glass for everyone on the youtube Internet resource, or on any other resource.